February 18

We had a full house for the weekend including two very happy and well behaved young dogs. They were able to run free and enjoy the country along with their owners, Miriam and Kyle. It was so nice to see them relax as the weekend progressed!

We also had a guest just traveling through on Saturday night. Johanna was hitting the ski trails on her way to visit her daughter in Minneapolis. She is on a mission for her 65th year of life to ski and bike in 65 different locations. Thanks for including us in your quest and come back soon, we have great roads for biking!

Our good friends Howard and Ann spent 3 nights with us. Howard helped Greg with some wood splitting and Ann helped with breakfast Saturday morning. They also took in a square dance in River Falls on Saturday night. It is so nice to have such great friends!

Looks like we are adding to the much needed snow here this week. There is a light covering of the white stuff this morning and more forecast almost every day throught the weekend. Come and join us before the season is through.

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