December 2011

We just had our first nice snow for the winter. It is very lovely to see and even nice to shovel!
Our Christmas tree is up, the house is getting decorated and we have done some baking. All we need now is Santa to come down the chimney. Ho ho ho.
I was just outside with Boris playing fetch. He loves the snow, it adds a bit of challenge to find the Kong toy. He is ten months old now so this is the first winter for him.
This is the place to find the kid in you. Bring your dog and some warm clothes and spend the day outside in the country. When you get tired you can warm up in front of the fire with somebody special and have some hot chocolate.

2 Responses to December 2011

  1. debby says:

    awww! Boris looks like he’s having a blast. It looks quite homey there, a good place to spend the holidays.

  2. Pat Wyder says:

    This web site is great! I hope it will bring you lots of business. Your place looks great and very inviting. Happy holidays to you.

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